• Changeability

    Itís times like these that managing change makes the difference to company performance and survival. Companies that do well possess a special factor: changeability.

    Change can be unsettling and difficult. Lots of managers and executives find it hard to cope with. That may help explain why 70% of change initiatives fail. Changeability shows how businesses can learn to positively thrive on change. It gives you the strategies you need to prepare for change, enabling you to respond to, and manage it effectively. And if you can become more adept at handling change than your competitors, you'll have the winning edge.

  • Reviews

    "Vital reading for those charged with leading change"

    Ron Whatford, Lloyds TSB

    "...full of examples and insights that will provoke, delight and educate"

    Costas Markides, Robert P Bauman Professor of Strategic Leadership, London Business School

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