• Strategic Derailers

    It is one thing to come up with a winning strategy. Getting it implemented is another story. New initiatives get blocked, change is questioned and confusion or dissatisfaction reigns. Our research has identified the key derailers that can throw you off course. Removing them helps ensure a smoother path to achieving your strategy.

    The first step is our organisational audit.
  • Organisational Audit

    Our organisational audit can tell you which strategic derailers represent a risk for your organisation. The process takes 1 - 2 weeks to complete. It involves your people and can be tailored to your organisation and its requirements.

    The result is an impact assessment of the strategic derailers and a step by step plan to overcome them and mitigate against the risks.

    To tackle your strategic derailers we provide a number of services...

  • Development Programmes

    To tackle your strategic derailers, you need to develop your people. Our development programmes are tailored to your business drivers.

    Inherent in every programme design is the development of leadership on three levels: Head - making good decisions, Heart - emotional and inspirational leadership and Hands - implementation and execution.

    We take into account differences in learning styles. Our programmes place an emphasis on experiential learning employing a variety of methods including input from leading academics, cutting edge training, psychometrics, team learning, online resources and our hallmark business simulations.

  • Simulations

    "I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand." (Confucius 551 BC - 479 BC)

    Our simulations are a great way to get people doing: to help them explore the unconscious life of the organisation, to provide a risk-free environment in which they can practice skills they need to develop or to help them understand the strategic challenges and possible future for their organisation.

    Our simulations reflect your strategic objectives, business challenges and internal dynamics (or you can select from our suite of off-the-shelf simulations).

    The use of simulations as part of a programme can make the difference between knowing what you need to do and doing it. Click here to read more

  • Building Great Teams

    Top teams hold the key to organisational success. Yet these teams also have a built in tension. They need to collaborate but people do not get there by being team players.

    We know that effective top teams have clear goals, roles and they reflect upon their dynamics. These high performance teams also experience conflict, diversity and emotional maturity.

    We help top management groups attain higher levels of performance with our accelerated development programme. It ensures results, creativity and leads to new insights.